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This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union.
The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of ZDH and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.

LIPS – Linguistic and Intercultural Preparation of Students for the workplace

The project develops pilot measures to improve students’ skills and competences for their successful completion of work experience abroad. It provides Language and intercultural training, the "European Twinning module" for working in a SME and cultural guidelines for the target groups. To get an overview of the approach and the main activities, download "LIPS in a nutshell" on http://www.eu-lips.de/



The project „PREPARE“ aims at enhancing intercultural competencies and foreign language learning in the skilled crafts sector. 13 partners from Germany, Spain, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary developed 312 e-learning modules designed for young employees going abroad. You learn about countries and their people, how to handle everyday-life and job-specific situations. Specialised sections deal with the building trade, car mechanic. Information is available in German, Spanish, Polish and Hungarian. The project was funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme.


You will find a few demo lessons on the site. To know more about training, get in touch with one of the contacts identified on the website.


„INCA: Intercultural Competence Assessment“

The INCA-project developed assessment tools and a portfolio of assessment of intercultural competence for engineers. The site’s structure is quite complex. If you are looking for ideas about how in-company assessments could be carried out, this is a site which you should definitely consider looking at. If you are just interested in knowing more about intercultural competence, you might find the “manual” useful.

The project received funding from the Leonardo da Vinci programme.


Culturetrainer /Europe

"Culturetrainer / Europe" is a web-based learning programme specifically developed for instructors, trainers, and specialist staff. It was created by a Leonardo da Vinci project, sponsored by the European Commission. It was implemented by Volkswagen Coaching along with sixteen partners from seven different European countries.

The Culturetrainer prepares target groups for work with multicultural groups in their home countries and abroad. It does not give specific instructions on how to act, but raises participants' awareness of patterns of behaviour in their own and in other cultures, to enable them to respond appropriately when working in a foreign environment.

The concept is interesting. However, to access the platform you need to pay a fee.



The “Tutor-ring-project”, also a Leonardo da Vinci-programme, aims to strengthen the quality of European, transnational training. It was developed specifically for work-based training! Target groups are in-company tutors, teachers/trainers, students and trainees who are interested in the topic of intercultural relationship. In the training space, you can find online interactive self-training modules, in the shape of case studies, whose main goal is to stress the necessity of taking into account and deal with the intercultural aspects of the relationship between people involved in the transnational work-based trainings.

Learning modules for intercultural learning are available in 11 languages. A login is necessary. http://www.tutor-ring.org/

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