Tool 1: Mobility Guides and Training Tools

(a) Mobility Guides


Mobility guides will be published to increase awareness and to provide a structured instrument for information about legal, professional and social issues connected to cross border mobility. The objective of the mobility guides is to help workers in their preparation for working abroad, providing targeted information relevant for skilled trades.


(b) Training Tools


All partners have already developed tools which can be used – language training for employees in SMEs, intercultural trainings, additional professional training (for instance for migrants who have changed countries for political, economic or family related reasons). Following the analyses made in Activities 2 and 3 the partners will identify suitable (existing) tools, edit them for the purpose of this project, summarize and present them to the partners.


Tool 2: Website

The project website will increase assist communication inside and outside the project partnership.


Tool 3: Exchange platform

A platform for the European Specialist Exchange for SME’s, which has been developed in the framework of an ESF project by EU Consult Südthüringen gGmbH (EFKA) will also be the platform for this project to collect and publish the data of SME’s looking for skilled workers from all across Europe.


Tool 4: TV programmes


To promote the European Year of Workers Mobility and its objectives the project will produce and broadcast two TV programmes.


Tool 5: Promotion at conferences/fairs


The partners will promote the project at other suitable conferences/fairs to address the workers mobility issue and to provide information to visitors.

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