European Specialists

European Specialist Exchange for small and medium-sized enterprises

We support future-oriented, open-minded small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who intent to focus on the European market square in order to increase the innovative & competitive ability of the company.
We help micro business as well as small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade company’s opportunities and advantages on the common market through a practical experience exchange in a foreign country.

The platform also provides a database for European recruitment of skilled workers (workforce search).

User references for the workforce search

If you are looking for workers as a company or if you are looking for job opportunities as a worker, then make use of the website/data base from

Europa-Service-Südthüringen/ European Specialist Exchange for SMEs:




On the above website click the "data base" button and access the introductory-/intermediary-page, which informs you about the general user references and some selected detailed information.

In order to get direct access click on "to the data base".


There are several possibilities and ways of registering/enlisting your company in the data base:

1. Direct entry through clicking the button "Registration".

2. By filling out and sending us a questionnaire which you can find under "Downloads". We will send you the login-details after the successful entry.

3. By directly contacting us.


In general you may use all the search-options, as well as just individual options. If you wish further information, then please contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

A search on the data base is possible without login for all companies, jobseekers, and those interested.


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