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This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union.
The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of ZDH and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.

About the project

The project's vision as part of the European Year of Workers Mobility is supposed to support qualified workers to take well informed decisions concerning taking up employment in a different country, either temporarily or permanently, either deliberately (as a career move) or out of necessity (for instance unemployment). The project will encourage young and older skilled workers to get work experience abroad to considerably increase their chances on the labour market. The project will also help European small and medium-sized enterprises to recruit suitable staff for their needs which, again, will contribute to achieve the Lisbon objectives – competitiveness and job creation.

This project therefore aims to provide
  • targeted information on demand and supply of skilled labour
  • comparable data to skilled workers to help them develop a decision based on solid information when they want to work abroad
  • material for training support to help mobile employees to prepare adequately for working abroad
  • a platform for European recruitment of skilled workers, based on an already existing and functioning database, managed by EFKA

The platform will offer an additional service: enterprises who register and declare availability to recruit workforce coming from different countries, will have the opportunity to acquire visibility towards European workers who are interested in getting work experience in their field.

The content of the website is  provided in Englisch.

SME Skilled Mobile European Project Flyer

Why cross-border mobility? To acquire new skills, to adopt to a fluctuating labour market, to obtain better living and working conditions.

EURES Portal

The European Job Mobility Portal  EURES
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EURES Newsletter

The EURES Newsletter is issued four times a year and features information on job mobility, current trends, upcoming EURES events etc.

Mobility guides

The mobility or country guides aim at increasing awareness on job mobility and they intend to provide a structured instrument for first information on social, legal and professional issues. Mobility guides in nine languages available here...

Living & Working Database

The Living and Working Conditions database contains details on a number of important issues such as finding accommodation, finding a school, taxes, cost of living, health, social legislation, comparability of qualifications, etc.

European Year of Workers' Mobility 


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